Hallo! sprichst du deutsch? kommst du aus Abchasien? Dato deutschland 16:13, 20 марта 2009 (UTC)

French, only ; I'm French, living in France… --Budelberger 20:29, 20 марта 2009 (UTC) (Flag of France.svg). (Can we improve this Wiki ?…)
And I'm David from Georgia, I am Georgian. But not interested in politics. I do not speak English so well, but can do something. Abkhazian Wikipedia is very, very disorder. Are the articles, the only political significance. We need to remove it. Thus, for example: Англиа имҩаҧысит кавказтәи аҳәсақәа рлига реизара, Қырҭтәыла асепаратистцәа рыҿцәажәара ҕәҕәала иақәыӡбеит. I've also made a new home page: I think this is better. Dato deutschland 09:12, 21 марта 2009 (UTC)
Yes, I know, Dawid Maisuradze. Home page : ok, but can you translate the « Vital articles » section ? How can you write articles in Abkhazian ? You say you are a ab-0 User ? Here : is « АКАТЕГОРИАҚӘА » a plural, « Categories » ? « Politics » : I'm not Abkhazian, I'm not Georgian ; but I know that ab.Wikipedia is a Wikipedia in Abkhazian, not the Wikipedia of an autonomous or independant Abkhazian Government ; ka.Wikipedia is a Wikipedia in Georgian, not the Wikipedia of the Georgian Government ; you are « not interested in politics », but you import here a war between Georgians and independantist Abkhazians : does « тәылаҿацәк » mean « subdivisions », or « regions » (« მხარე ») ? Official Georgia is divided in 1 City, 2 autonomous republics and 9 « regions » (« მხარე ») ; if « тәылаҿацәк » means « მხარე », you can't modify this article as you did : Abkhazia, Tbilisi and Adjaria are not « მხარე » ; there is a war, here ; for example, I added a map which was removed ; you can see that my map was neutral, including Abkhazia in Georgia (that's why it was removed by an independendist), but writing « Аҧсны » in grey, as other independant countries… (look at the war – anonymous users – with history) ; your edits are not neutral (here and here) ; a Wikipedia must be neutral. I don't want to see here an edit war. --Budelberger 23:11, 21 марта 2009 (UTC) (Flag of France.svg).

Yes, you're right. I do not want war. I do not speak Abkhaz, but understand a little bit, because in Abkhazian Georgian language, many words: for example ақалақь - ქალაქი (kalaki). I see that Abkhazians write about their dependence. And this is also not neutral. I would like to see in this article written as:

Abkhazia (Georgian აფხაზეთი / Apchaseti; Russian Абхазия / Abchasija) is one in the south of the Caucasus to the Black Sea border region, the international law as part of Georgia is. So far, two UN States government recognized the sovereignty of Abkhazia. The population of 320,000 according to official estimates, the area covers 8,600 kilometers ². Russia recognized Abkhazia on 26 August 2008 as an independent state. This step was followed by Nicaragua on 3 September 2008.

But I can not translate to the Abkhaz. And Abkhazians will not translate because it is not like it. And now what can I do? : ( Dato deutschland 08:22, 22 марта 2009 (UTC)

Blind editing

I think you should learn Abkhazian, before editing ab.wikipedia.org :).You restored the map, but I’m not sure Abkhazians will understand what is written on that map. Apswaaa 17:53, 18 мая 2009 (UTC)

Allez vous faire foutre. --Budelberger 19:19, 18 мая 2009 (UTC) ( ).

Translation request

Hello, can you please create the Selena article on this wiki please and thank you very much. Here is the English Selena Wiki page (en:Selena), if you need to contact me for anything please visit my talk page (en:User talk:AJona1992). Thank you, AJona1992 17:21, 19 ҧхынгәы 2010 (UTC)

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