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Ԥрызхьаԥш ихадароу апринципқәа ахарахәраҿы: шәацәымшәакәа гәыразыла имҩақәышәҵа.

Асгьы иауеит аҵаҩра
Википедиа аҿы иҟоу астатиақәа иаҭахуп аҵаҩра (авторцәа рсиа ишьақәгылоит ирласны астатиа аҭоурых ариашараҿ) аха шәара ишәҭахызар аицәажәара аҽалархәра афорум аҿы, ма даҽа даҟьақәак рҿы, иаҵашәҩла, шәхы иашәырхәа ҧшьдыргак тильда (~~~~), ма иахәҭоу ақәаӷәӷәага. Напыла ахьыӡшьар напыла арбара аҭахым.

Алахәылашәа шәара шәдаҟьаҿ ишәылшоит ишәҳәар маҷӡк шәхазы акы, иуҳәозар абызшәазы ижәдыруа, ма аинтерес зҵоу хҭыск.

Иара убас ишәозар азҵаара шәхы иашәырхәа асистематә цхыраара. Иара убас ишәзымԥшаазар аҭак ишәымаз азҵаараҿ, шәазҵаа апроект афорумаҿ, ма аус адышәул шәдаҟьаҿ ахцәажәарала, ианышәҵы уа {{helpme}} шәтекст азҵаара иазықәгылоу — шәара ишәыцхраауеит.

Ус ишәзалымҵуазар астатиа ариашара, аха шәгәы иҭазар иарахьы азыхынҳәра, ибжьашәыргыл атекст алагамҭаз {{In use|~~~~}}, егьырҭ алахәцәа ирдыруазарц.

Даҽаныхгьы бзиала шәаабеит!

Hello and welcome to the Abkhazian Wikipedia! We appreciate your contributions. If your Abkhazian skills are not good enough, that’s no problem. We have an embassy where you can inquire for further information in your native language. We hope you enjoy your time here!
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Илья Драконов (обсуждение) 13:37, 1 жәабран 2016 (UTC).

Names of Wikimedia Languages

Dear Jerzyjan1,

we are initiating a long needed action - we would like to translate names of all Wikimedia languages to all Wikimedia languages in the next two months.We have noticed that you are active on Abkhaz Wikipedia and that is the reason why we are taking liberty to contact you.

We hope that you would be interesting to help us in our endeavor - To make this action easier we have already prepared the list of all Wikimedia languages, and for each language we have already prepared the page with existing and missing translations. So when you go to the page for your language you would have two tasks - to check whether existing translations are OK and to fill in the missing one. The more detailed instruction are on the language page.

What are the benefits of this work?

  • We believe it is about time to have all Wikimedia languages translated to all Wikimedia languages :)
  • Translated languages will be parsed into Wiktionary and the resulting number of Wiktionary entries will be significant for each language. That could significantly increase the number of entries for less developed Wiktionaries, and improve the quality of entries in general. We are aware that there is no Wiktionary in your language, (yet ;)) but your contribution would influence other Wiktionaries.
  • Wikidata - this would be great contribution to Wikidata.
  • All other projects could benefit from this list (Wiki Travel :)), as we believe that certain amount of terms has to be properly translated to all languages.

We are gathered around the projectWiktionary Meets Matica Srpska and we hope that you would be interesting in working with us!If you have any questions you can ask them on the Names of Wikimedia languages discussion page or via personal emails.

Important notice: The data are licensed under CC0, as they should be incorporated into Wikidata at the end of the process.

If you don’t want to receive future announcement about the project, please leave a note on discussion page.

Thank you and looking forward to hear from you! team

Godzzzilica (обсуждение) 13:41, 19 лаҵара 2015 (UTC)

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