Eungkôt nakeuh meunatang nyang udép lam ie, bôh ie tabeue, lagang, atawa masén. Eungkôt jimeunaph'ah ngön inseueng dan jimeuaneuk ngön cara jitôh boh. Padum-padum boh meunatang lam ie geukheun eungkôt. Eungkôt paôh ngön lumba-lumba sibeunajih hana rôh lam jeunèh eungkôt sabab jimeunaph'ah ngön s'ueb dan jimeuaneuk kon ngön cara jitôh boh.


Kitab neubeuet

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Peunawôt luwa

  • ANGFA – Illustrated database of freshwater fishes of Australia and New Guinea
  • FishBase online – Comprehensive database with information on over 29,000 fish species
  • Philippines Fishes – Database with thousands of Philippine Fishes photographed in natural habitat
  • The Native Fish Conservancy – Conservation and study of North American freshwater fishes
  • United Nation – Fisheries and Aquaculture Department: Fish and seafood utilization