Assalamu'alaikum, Jiyuukaminari. Kru seumangat, ka trôk neulangkah bak Wikipèdia bahsa Acèh!
Lakèe tulông?
Lakèe tulông?
  • Beunantu:Asoë - laman nyoe jeuet keu alat teunulông droeneuh sigohlom neulakèe tulông bak ureueng la'én.
  • Beunantu:Teumanyöng - neuteumanyöng bak laman nyoe bhaih Wikipèdia. Bak laman nyan na dapeuta ureueng ngui nyang kayém geuteumuléh bak Wikipedia. Bèk yö neulakèe tulông bak ureueng nyan meunyo na nyang hana neutupeue.
  • Beunantu:Cara Teumuléh bak Wikipèdia - lam laman nyoe na cara teumuléh bak Wikipèdia. Meunyo droeneuh peureulèe kamueh bahsa Acèh, jeuet neu'eu lam laman nyan.
Beu neutupeue
Neupubuet salah?
Neupubuet salah?
  • Bèk yö bak neuteumuléh, neupeugöt saboh teunuléh nyang barô, neutamah atawa neusampôh kalimat. Meunyo payah bak neubôh cingkunèk, hana peue neubôh. Na ureueng nyang peubeutôi eunteuk.
  • Ureueng urôh ngön ureueng ngui la'én akan geukalön laman Neuubah barô nyang meuasoe dapeuta neuubah-neuubah barô lam Wikipèdia. Pat töh na salah, ban dum ureueng nyan jeut geupubeutoi.

Seulamat neuteumuléh! Kamoe mandum meuprèh teunuléh-teunuléh droeneuh bak Wikipèdia bahsa Acèh nyoe!
Welcome! If you are really not an Acehnese speaker, you might want to visit the Wikibaike: Embassy or a little info to find users who are speaking your language. Enjoy yourself in this Wikipedia!

-- Si Gam Acèh 03:29, 12 Buleuën Siblah 2009 (UTC)

Moving pages

Hi, please don't copy-paste-move pages, use the move-function. Sabah. --Juhko (talk | contribs) 21:23, 12 Buleuën Siblah 2009 (UTC)

Bak lakèë jeuët keu ureuëng urôh

Nyoë pat bak lakèë jeuët keu ureuëng urôh. Eunteuk kamoë dukông. -- Si Gam Acèh 03:16, 21 Buleuën Siblah 2009 (UTC)

Saleu Meuturi =

Saleum meutiri syahara, seunag that hate ka meutamah ngon lom disino. --Fadli Idris 13:44, 22 Buleuën Siblah 2009 (UTC)

Bisa ngak anda bikin artikel besok mesti 1,000. Saya mohon supaya dapat rencana ke 1,000 besok--Digimon Adventure 08:03, 16 Buleuën Duwa Blah 2009 (UTC)



when you create a page, could you please add at least one interwiki ? A bot will then update all pages.

If you don't know what an interwiki link is, it is a link to another wikipedia. You can add it like this


--Hercule 15:37, 26 Buleuën Siblah 2009 (UTC)

Request for help, please

Dear Jiyuukaminari, nice to meet you. I'm wondering if you would be so kind to help translate a very short-stub version of 3-4 sentences of this article for the wonderful Acehnese Wikipedia? Thank you very much for any advice or help you could offer. I hope to hear from you. Sincerely--Brezza del mare 03:13, 2 Buleuën Duwa Blah 2009 (UTC)


Hello Jiyuukaminari,Could you please help me to create some articles in acèh about my people?

Article 1: Occitan languageOccitan is a romance language spoken in France, Italy, Spain, and Monaco, in Europe.It has 6 dialects: auvergnat, gascon, languedocian, limousin, provençal, and vivaro-alpine.(it would be great to add a short word list occitan/acèh. is there a list of basic acèh words somewhere?)

Article 2: OccitaniaOccitania is the country where the Occitan language is spoken. It is for now splitted between France, Italy, Spain, and Monaco, in Europe.

Article 3: Auvergnat dialectAuvergnat is a dialect of the Occitan language spoken in France.

Article 4: Gascon dialectGascon is a dialect of the Occitan language spoken in France and the Valley of Aran, Catalonia, Spain. Since 2006 its Aranese variant has an official status in Catalonia along with Catalan and Spanish languages.

I'd write similar articles on other dialects.

Article 5: BordèuBordèu (in French, Bordeaux) is a city of France in the region of Aquitaine and the department of Gironde. It has xxx xxx habitants. Its mayor is Alain Juppé.

Article 6: AquitaineAquitaine (in Occitan, Aquitània) is a region of France. It has xxx xxx habitants. Its capital is Bordèu. It includes the departements of Dordogne (department), Gironde, Landes, Lot-et-Garonne, and Pyrénées-Atlantiques.The president of the regional council is Alain Rousset.

I'd write similar articles on other regions.

Article 7: Lot-et-GaronneLot-et-Garonne (in Occitan, Òlt e Garona) is a department of France, in the Aquitaine region. It has xxx xxx habitants. Its capital is Agen. The president of the general council is Pierre Camani.

I'd write similar articles on other departments.

Could you? Thanks in advance, --Jfblanc 06:09, 15 Buleuën Duwa Blah 2009 (UTC)

translator rights on

Hoi, I have given you translator rights at ... I hope you will have fun and be a big support for your language.. Thanks, GerardM 09:21, 8 Buleuën Duwa 2010 (UTC)

Lakee Jeuet keu Ureueng Uroh

Adit, nyoe pat bak lakee jeuet keu ureueng uroh: Requests for permissions#Administrator access. -- Si Gam Acèh (peugah habay | peuneugöt) 15:21, 14 Buleuën Duwa 2010 (UTC)

Ho ?

Ho hana leumah le? -- Si Gam Acèh (peugah habay | peuneugöt) 04:50, 7 Buleuën Lhèë 2010 (UTC)

Temp admiship in ace wiki is granted for 3 months

Hello, Best of luck and please feel free to ping me in irc or meta talk page if you need help. Please remember to make interface translations only on translatewiki. --Jyothis 16:46, 2 Buleuën Peuët 2010 (UTC)


Tulong neupeu'ek surat-e droen bak lon si'at. -- Si Gam Acèh (peugah habay | peuneugöt) 15:43, 7 Buleuën Peuët 2010 (UTC)


Bisa tolong cek Dapeuta rayek di Rumania? Apakah judulnya sudah bener? Selain itu, boleh tau bahasa Acehnya populasi dan ketinggian? Terima kasih Mimihitam 23:03, 3 Buleuën Limong 2010 (UTC)

"Kota" bahasa Aceh-nya adalah "Banda". Jadi, judulnya sudah saya ubah menjadi Dapeuta banda di Rumania. Populasi dan Ketinggian juga sudah saya ubah ke bahasa Aceh. -- Si Gam Acèh (peugah habay | peuneugöt) 06:56, 4 Buleuën Limong 2010 (UTC)

Trims :) Mimihitam 08:16, 4 Buleuën Limong 2010 (UTC)

Peugah hay

Keu si'at nyoe tanguy "utara-seulatan" mantong dilee, sabab "baroh" lam bahsa Aceh Rayek hareutoejih "yup". Nyan peureulee tatanyong bak ahli bahsa Aceh.

Hay, seunipat gamba nyang neuboh bek rayek that (300px), boh 200px mantong seunipatjih.

-- Si Gam Acèh (peugah habay | peuneugöt) 02:46, 8 Buleuën Limong 2010 (UTC)

Temporary access expired

Hello Jiyuukaminari. The temporary access you requested on this wiki has expired (see archived request). Thanks. Nick1915 09:57, 8 Buleuën Nam 2010 (UTC)


Saya akan mempresentasikan mengenai wikipedia bahasa Aceh di Wikimania 2010 Gdansk, Polandia, dan saya punya pertanyaan:

  • Apa yang mendorong Tuan Jiyuukaminari untuk menyumbang di wiki aceh?
  • Bagaimana potensi WBA kedepannya?

Terima kasih Mimihitam 15:39, 11 Buleuën Nam 2010 (UTC)

Thanks! Mimihitam 15:04, 27 Buleuën Nam 2010 (UTC)

Ka lonpeu'ek

Ka lonpeu'ek. Nyoe pat beh: Proposals for closing projects/Closure of Acehnese Wikipedia. -- Si Gam Acèh (peugah habay | peuneugöt) 09:11, 26 Buleuën Tujôh 2010 (UTC)

A'a "c*****ers"

Assalamu 'alaikum warohmatulohi wabarokatu

Salam sejahtera, Tuhan menyertai

Anda tau, bahwa Albertus Aditya telah memunculkan kembali gambar Muhammad yang telah dihapus di artikel "Buhaira" di Wiki Baike bahasa Indonesia (bukti) yang artinya telah menentang surat pernyataan permintaan penghapusan gambar-gambar penghinaan terhadap Nabi Muhammad SAW di Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia. Bukankah itu sama saja dengan para Wikipediawan Barat yang mengunggah gambar Muhammad di Commons. Jika Anda tidak suka akan hal yang diperbuat oleh beliau mari kita sama-sama melakukan gerakan pencabutan status pengurusnya atau kalau bisa lakukan gerakan pemblokirannya di Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia.

Wassalam --Erik Evrest 12:56, 15 Buleuën Nam 2011 (UTC)

Muhammad template

I removed the Muhammad template from your userpage at Ureuëng_Nguy:Jiyuukaminari - It was not in the spirit of the Wikimedia Foundation.

But I have an alternative. If you want, you can translate it into Acehnese. It's already available in English and Bahasa Indonesia:

WhisperToMe 22:45, 11 Buleuën Tujôh 2011 (UTC)

Discussion of sharia

I added Wikibaike: Pool_on_Sharia_Law_in_Acehnese_Wikipedia#Comments WhisperToMe 29 Buleuën Siblah 2011 05.47 (UTC)
WhisperToMe 29 Buleuën Siblah 2011 05.47 (UTC)

Article requests

Do you do article requests?

If so, I notice en:Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport doesn't yet have an Acehnese article.Would you be willing to start an article on it?Also en:Aceh Sultanate doesn't have an Acehnese article eitherThanksWhisperToMe 15 Buleuën Duwa Blah 2011 21.01 (UTC)

Fadli Idris Jeuët keu Nyang Urôh

Neutulong vote long jeut keu ureung uroe disino. Teurimeung gaseh --Fadli Idris 2 Buleuën Sa 2012 17.26 (UTC)

Idea on user list

On Wikibaike: Dapeuta neuandam ureuëng nguy - Would it be alright if I made a column for ACE-2 or lower people (people who don't speak Acehnese or people who speak very little Acehnese) who participate frequently?WhisperToMe 12 Buleuën Duwa 2012 02.11 (UTC)

We already have a list for all users. Please see: this and this. -- Si Gam 28 Buleuën Duwa 2012 17.21 (UTC)

Possibilities for more articles

While the ACE3+ users debate the specific awrah policy, I looked online and found something.I checked the U.S. CDC website and found some documents related to three diseases, written in Acehnese: See my userpage: Ureuëng_Nguy:WhisperToMe - Perhaps it can help give some ideas for articles?WhisperToMe 29 Buleuën Duwa 2012 04.29 (UTC)

Awrah policy

Since Bennylin ruled that the Awrah policy will go to place, he suggested forming a formal policy, with text in Acehnese, Indonesian, and English

I have an English draft at Ureuëng Nguy:WhisperToMe/Draft, so if you want, you may work from the draftWhisperToMe (bicara) 15 Buleuën Lhèë 2012 03.45 (UTC)

Article requests

Jiyuukaminari, are you interested in doing some article requests? If so, please see my userpage at User:WhisperToMe WhisperToMe (bicara) 13 Buleuën Sikureuëng 2012 17.13 (UTC)

Neutulong dukong

Neutulong dukong si'at Teungku. -- Si Gam (bicara) 7 Buleuën Limong 2013 12.44 (UTC)

Hello! Could you translate an article about boycott of Russian goods in Ukraine for the Acehnese Wikipedia? Thanks for the help--Trydence (marit) 25 Buleuën Sa 2015 22.51 (UTC)