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---- INTRO:   (!!! DO NOT RENAME THIS PAGE !!!)--    This module allows any template or module to be copy/pasted between--    wikis without any translation changes. All translation text is stored--    in the global  Data:*.tab  pages on Commons, and used everywhere.---- SEE:   https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Multilingual_Templates_and_Modules---- ATTENTION:--    Please do NOT rename this module - it has to be identical on all wikis.--    This code is maintained at https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Module:TNT--    Please do not modify it anywhere else, as it may get copied and override your changes.--    Suggestions can be made at https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Module_talk:TNT---- DESCRIPTION:--    The "msg" function uses a Commons dataset to translate a message--    with a given key (e.g. source-table), plus optional arguments--    to the wiki markup in the current content language.--    Use lang=xx to set language.  Example:----    {{#invoke:TNT | msg--     | I18n/Template:Graphs.tab  <!-- https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Data:I18n/Template:Graphs.tab -->--     | source-table              <!-- uses a translation message with id = "source-table" -->--     | param1 }}                 <!-- optional parameter -->------    The "doc" function will generate the <templatedata> parameter documentation for templates.--    This way all template parameters can be stored and localized in a single Commons dataset.--    NOTE: "doc" assumes that all documentation is located in Data:Templatedata/* on Commons.----    {{#invoke:TNT | doc | Graph:Lines }}--        uses https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Data:Templatedata/Graph:Lines.tab--        if the current page is Template:Graph:Lines/doc--local p = {}local i18nDataset = 'I18n/Module:TNT.tab'-- Forward declaration of the local functionslocal sanitizeDataset, loadData, link, formatMessagefunction p.msg(frame)local dataset, idlocal params = {}local lang = nilfor k, v in pairs(frame.args) doif k == 1 thendataset = mw.text.trim(v)elseif k == 2 thenid = mw.text.trim(v)elseif type(k) == 'number' thentable.insert(params, mw.text.trim(v))elseif k == 'lang' and v ~= '_' thenlang = mw.text.trim(v)endendreturn formatMessage(dataset, id, params, lang)end-- Identical to p.msg() above, but used from other lua modules-- Parameters:  name of dataset, message key, optional arguments-- Example with 2 params:  format('I18n/Module:TNT', 'error_bad_msgkey', 'my-key', 'my-dataset')function p.format(dataset, key, ...)local checkType = require('libraryUtil').checkTypecheckType('format', 1, dataset, 'string')checkType('format', 2, key, 'string')return formatMessage(dataset, key, {...})end-- Identical to p.msg() above, but used from other lua modules with the language param-- Parameters:  language code, name of dataset, message key, optional arguments-- Example with 2 params:  formatInLanguage('es', I18n/Module:TNT', 'error_bad_msgkey', 'my-key', 'my-dataset')function p.formatInLanguage(lang, dataset, key, ...)local checkType = require('libraryUtil').checkTypecheckType('formatInLanguage', 1, lang, 'string')checkType('formatInLanguage', 2, dataset, 'string')checkType('formatInLanguage', 3, key, 'string')return formatMessage(dataset, key, {...}, lang)end-- Obsolete function that adds a 'c:' prefix to the first param.-- "Sandbox/Sample.tab" -> 'c:Data:Sandbox/Sample.tab'function p.link(frame)return link(frame.args[1])endfunction p.doc(frame)local dataset = 'Templatedata/' .. sanitizeDataset(frame.args[1])return frame:extensionTag('templatedata', p.getTemplateData(dataset)) ..   formatMessage(i18nDataset, 'edit_doc', {link(dataset)})endfunction p.getTemplateData(dataset)-- TODO: add '_' parameter once lua starts reindexing properly for "all" languageslocal data = loadData(dataset)local names = {}for _, field in pairs(data.schema.fields) dotable.insert(names, field.name)endlocal params = {}local paramOrder = {}for _, row in pairs(data.data) dolocal newVal = {}local name = nilfor pos, val in pairs(row) dolocal columnName = names[pos]if columnName == 'name' thenname = valelsenewVal[columnName] = valendendif name thenparams[name] = newValtable.insert(paramOrder, name)endend-- Work around json encoding treating {"1":{...}} as an [{...}]params['zzz123']=''local json = mw.text.jsonEncode({params=params,paramOrder=paramOrder,description=data.description})json = string.gsub(json,'"zzz123":"",?', "")return jsonend-- Local functionssanitizeDataset = function(dataset)if not dataset thenreturn nilenddataset = mw.text.trim(dataset)if dataset == '' thenreturn nilelseif string.sub(dataset,-4) ~= '.tab' thenreturn dataset .. '.tab'elsereturn datasetendendloadData = function(dataset, lang)dataset = sanitizeDataset(dataset)if not dataset thenerror(formatMessage(i18nDataset, 'error_no_dataset', {}))end-- Give helpful error to thirdparties who try and copy this module.if not mw.ext or not mw.ext.data or not mw.ext.data.get thenerror('Missing JsonConfig extension; Cannot load https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Data:' .. dataset)endlocal data = mw.ext.data.get(dataset, lang)if data == false thenif dataset == i18nDataset then-- Prevent cyclical callserror('Missing Commons dataset ' .. i18nDataset)elseerror(formatMessage(i18nDataset, 'error_bad_dataset', {link(dataset)}))endendreturn dataend-- Given a dataset name, convert it to a title with the 'commons:data:' prefixlink = function(dataset)return 'c:Data:' .. mw.text.trim(dataset or '')endformatMessage = function(dataset, key, params, lang)for _, row in pairs(loadData(dataset, lang).data) dolocal id, msg = unpack(row)if id == key thenlocal result = mw.message.newRawMessage(msg, unpack(params or {}))return result:plain()endendif dataset == i18nDataset then-- Prevent cyclical callserror('Invalid message key "' .. key .. '"')elseerror(formatMessage(i18nDataset, 'error_bad_msgkey', {key, link(dataset)}))endendreturn p