Module:Message box

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-- This is a meta-module for producing message box templates, including-- {{mbox}}, {{ambox}}, {{imbox}}, {{tmbox}}, {{ombox}}, {{cmbox}} and {{fmbox}}.-- Load necessary modules.require('Module:No globals')local getArgslocal yesno = require('Module:Yesno')-- Get a language object for formatDate and ucfirst.local lang = mw.language.getContentLanguage()-- Define constantslocal CONFIG_MODULE = 'Module:Message box/configuration'local DEMOSPACES = {talk = 'tmbox', image = 'imbox', file = 'imbox', category = 'cmbox', article = 'ambox', main = 'ambox'}---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Helper functions--------------------------------------------------------------------------------local function getTitleObject(...)-- Get the title object, passing the function through pcall-- in case we are over the expensive function count limit.local success, title = pcall(, ...)if success thenreturn titleendendlocal function union(t1, t2)-- Returns the union of two arrays.local vals = {}for i, v in ipairs(t1) dovals[v] = trueendfor i, v in ipairs(t2) dovals[v] = trueendlocal ret = {}for k in pairs(vals) dotable.insert(ret, k)endtable.sort(ret)return retendlocal function getArgNums(args, prefix)local nums = {}for k, v in pairs(args) dolocal num = mw.ustring.match(tostring(k), '^' .. prefix .. '([1-9]%d*)$')if num thentable.insert(nums, tonumber(num))endendtable.sort(nums)return numsend---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Box class definition--------------------------------------------------------------------------------local MessageBox = {}MessageBox.__index = MessageBoxfunction, args, cfg)args = args or {}local obj = {}-- Set the title object and the namespace.obj.title = getTitleObject( or mw.title.getCurrentTitle()-- Set the config for our box type.obj.cfg = cfg[boxType]if not obj.cfg thenlocal ns = obj.title.namespace-- boxType is "mbox" or invalid inputif args.demospace and args.demospace ~= '' then-- implement demospace parameter of mboxlocal demospace = string.lower(args.demospace)if DEMOSPACES[demospace] then-- use template from DEMOSPACESobj.cfg = cfg[DEMOSPACES[demospace]]elseif string.find( demospace, 'talk' ) then-- demo as a talk pageobj.cfg = cfg.tmboxelse-- default to omboxobj.cfg = cfg.omboxendelseif ns == 0 thenobj.cfg = cfg.ambox -- main namespaceelseif ns == 6 thenobj.cfg = cfg.imbox -- file namespaceelseif ns == 14 thenobj.cfg = cfg.cmbox -- category namespaceelselocal nsTable =[ns]if nsTable and nsTable.isTalk thenobj.cfg = cfg.tmbox -- any talk namespaceelseobj.cfg = cfg.ombox -- other namespaces or invalid inputendendend-- Set the arguments, and remove all blank arguments except for the ones-- listed in cfg.allowBlankParams.dolocal newArgs = {}for k, v in pairs(args) doif v ~= '' thennewArgs[k] = vendendfor i, param in ipairs(obj.cfg.allowBlankParams or {}) donewArgs[param] = args[param]endobj.args = newArgsend-- Define internal data structure.obj.categories = {}obj.classes = {}-- For lazy loading of [[Module:Category handler]].obj.hasCategories = falsereturn setmetatable(obj, MessageBox)endfunction MessageBox:addCat(ns, cat, sort)if not cat thenreturn nilendif sort thencat = string.format('[[Category:%s|%s]]', cat, sort)elsecat = string.format('[[Category:%s]]', cat)endself.hasCategories = trueself.categories[ns] = self.categories[ns] or {}table.insert(self.categories[ns], cat)endfunction MessageBox:addClass(class)if not class thenreturn nilendtable.insert(self.classes, class)endfunction MessageBox:setParameters()local args = self.argslocal cfg = self.cfg-- Get type data.self.type = args.typelocal typeData = cfg.types[self.type]self.invalidTypeError = cfg.showInvalidTypeErrorand self.typeand not typeDatatypeData = typeData or cfg.types[cfg.default]self.typeClass = typeData.classself.typeImage = typeData.image-- Find if the box has been wrongly substituted.self.isSubstituted = cfg.substCheck and args.subst == 'SUBST'-- Find whether we are using a small message box.self.isSmall = cfg.allowSmall and (cfg.smallParam and args.small == cfg.smallParamor not cfg.smallParam and yesno(args.small))-- Add attributes, classes and = = args.nameif thenself:addClass('box-' .. string.gsub(,' ','_'))endif yesno(args.plainlinks) ~= false thenself:addClass('plainlinks')endfor _, class in ipairs(cfg.classes or {}) doself:addClass(class)endif self.isSmall thenself:addClass(cfg.smallClass or 'mbox-small')endself:addClass(self.typeClass)self:addClass(args.class) = args.styleself.attrs = args.attrs-- Set text style.self.textstyle = args.textstyle-- Find if we are on the template page or not. This functionality is only-- used if useCollapsibleTextFields is set, or if both cfg.templateCategory-- and cfg.templateCategoryRequireName are set.self.useCollapsibleTextFields = cfg.useCollapsibleTextFieldsif self.useCollapsibleTextFieldsor cfg.templateCategoryand cfg.templateCategoryRequireNamethenif thenlocal templateName = mw.ustring.match(,'^[tT][eE][mM][pP][lL][aA][tT][eE][%s_]*:[%s_]*(.*)$') or self.nametemplateName = 'Template:' .. templateNameself.templateTitle = getTitleObject(templateName)endself.isTemplatePage = self.templateTitleand mw.title.equals(self.title, self.templateTitle)end-- Process data for collapsible text fields. At the moment these are only-- used in {{ambox}}.if self.useCollapsibleTextFields then-- Get the self.issue value.if self.isSmall and args.smalltext thenself.issue = args.smalltextelselocal sectif args.sect == '' thensect = 'This ' .. (cfg.sectionDefault or 'page')elseif type(args.sect) == 'string' thensect = 'This ' .. args.sectendlocal issue = args.issueissue = type(issue) == 'string' and issue ~= '' and issue or nillocal text = args.texttext = type(text) == 'string' and text or nillocal issues = {}table.insert(issues, sect)table.insert(issues, issue)table.insert(issues, text)self.issue = table.concat(issues, ' ')end-- Get the value.local talk = Show talk links on the template page or template subpages if the talk-- parameter is blank.if talk == ''and self.templateTitleand (mw.title.equals(self.templateTitle, self.title)or self.title:isSubpageOf(self.templateTitle))thentalk = '#'elseif talk == '' thentalk = nilendif talk then-- If the talk value is a talk page, make a link to that page. Else-- assume that it's a section heading, and make a link to the talk-- page of the current page with that section heading.local talkTitle = getTitleObject(talk)local talkArgIsTalkPage = trueif not talkTitle or not talkTitle.isTalkPage thentalkArgIsTalkPage = falsetalkTitle = getTitleObject(self.title.text,[self.title.namespace] talkTitle and talkTitle.exists thenlocal talkText = 'Relevant discussion may be found on'if talkArgIsTalkPage thentalkText = string.format('%s [[%s|%s]].',talkText,talk,talkTitle.prefixedText)elsetalkText = string.format('%s the [[%s#%s|talk page]].',talkText,talkTitle.prefixedText,talk) = talkTextendend-- Get other values.self.fix = args.fix ~= '' and args.fix or nillocal dateif and ~= '' thendate = args.dateelseif == '' and self.isTemplatePage thendate = lang:formatDate('F Y')endif date = string.format(" <small class='date-container'>''(<span class='date'>%s</span>)''</small>", date) = args.infoif yesno(args.removalnotice) thenself.removalNotice = cfg.removalNoticeendend-- Set the non-collapsible text field. At the moment this is used by all box-- types other than ambox, and also by ambox when small=yes.if self.isSmall thenself.text = args.smalltext or args.textelseself.text = args.textend-- Set the below row.self.below = cfg.below and args.below-- General image settings.self.imageCellDiv = not self.isSmall and cfg.imageCellDivself.imageEmptyCell = cfg.imageEmptyCellif cfg.imageEmptyCellStyle thenself.imageEmptyCellStyle = 'border:none;padding:0px;width:1px'end-- Left image settings.local imageLeft = self.isSmall and args.smallimage or args.imageif cfg.imageCheckBlank and imageLeft ~= 'blank' and imageLeft ~= 'none'or not cfg.imageCheckBlank and imageLeft ~= 'none'thenself.imageLeft = imageLeftif not imageLeft thenlocal imageSize = self.isSmalland (cfg.imageSmallSize or '30x30px')or '40x40px'self.imageLeft = string.format('[[File:%s|%s|link=|alt=]]', self.typeImageor 'Imbox notice.png', imageSize)endend-- Right image settings.local imageRight = self.isSmall and args.smallimageright or args.imagerightif not (cfg.imageRightNone and imageRight == 'none') thenself.imageRight = imageRightendendfunction MessageBox:setMainspaceCategories()local args = self.argslocal cfg = self.cfgif not cfg.allowMainspaceCategories thenreturn nilendlocal nums = {}for _, prefix in ipairs{'cat', 'category', 'all'} doargs[prefix .. '1'] = args[prefix]nums = union(nums, getArgNums(args, prefix))end-- The following is roughly equivalent to the old {{Ambox/category}}.local date = args.datedate = type(date) == 'string' and datelocal preposition = 'from'for _, num in ipairs(nums) dolocal mainCat = args['cat' .. tostring(num)]or args['category' .. tostring(num)]local allCat = args['all' .. tostring(num)]mainCat = type(mainCat) == 'string' and mainCatallCat = type(allCat) == 'string' and allCatif mainCat and date and date ~= '' thenlocal catTitle = string.format('%s %s %s', mainCat, preposition, date)self:addCat(0, catTitle)catTitle = getTitleObject('Category:' .. catTitle)if not catTitle or not catTitle.exists thenself:addCat(0, 'Articles with invalid date parameter in template')endelseif mainCat and (not date or date == '') thenself:addCat(0, mainCat)endif allCat thenself:addCat(0, allCat)endendendfunction MessageBox:setTemplateCategories()local args = self.argslocal cfg = self.cfg-- Add template categories.if cfg.templateCategory thenif cfg.templateCategoryRequireName thenif self.isTemplatePage thenself:addCat(10, cfg.templateCategory)endelseif not self.title.isSubpage thenself:addCat(10, cfg.templateCategory)endend-- Add template error categories.if cfg.templateErrorCategory thenlocal templateErrorCategory = cfg.templateErrorCategorylocal templateCat, templateSortif not and not self.title.isSubpage thentemplateCat = templateErrorCategoryelseif self.isTemplatePage thenlocal paramsToCheck = cfg.templateErrorParamsToCheck or {}local count = 0for i, param in ipairs(paramsToCheck) doif not args[param] thencount = count + 1endendif count > 0 thentemplateCat = templateErrorCategorytemplateSort = tostring(count)endif self.categoryNums and #self.categoryNums > 0 thentemplateCat = templateErrorCategorytemplateSort = 'C'endendself:addCat(10, templateCat, templateSort)endendfunction MessageBox:setAllNamespaceCategories()-- Set categories for all namespaces.if self.invalidTypeError thenlocal allSort = (self.title.namespace == 0 and 'Main:' or '') .. self.title.prefixedTextself:addCat('all', 'Wikipedia message box parameter needs fixing', allSort)endif self.isSubstituted thenself:addCat('all', 'Pages with incorrectly substituted templates')endendfunction MessageBox:setCategories()if self.title.namespace == 0 thenself:setMainspaceCategories()elseif self.title.namespace == 10 thenself:setTemplateCategories()endself:setAllNamespaceCategories()endfunction MessageBox:renderCategories()if not self.hasCategories then-- No categories added, no need to pass them to Category handler so,-- if it was invoked, it would return the empty string.-- So we shortcut and return the empty string.return ""end-- Convert category tables to strings and pass them through-- [[Module:Category handler]].return require('Module:Category handler')._main{main = table.concat(self.categories[0] or {}),template = table.concat(self.categories[10] or {}),all = table.concat(self.categories.all or {}),nocat = self.args.nocat,page =}endfunction MessageBox:export()local root = mw.html.create()-- Add the subst check error.if self.isSubstituted and thenroot:tag('b'):addClass('error'):wikitext(string.format('Template <code>%s[[Template:%s|%s]]%s</code> has been incorrectly substituted.',mw.text.nowiki('{{'),,, mw.text.nowiki('}}')))end-- Create the box table.local boxTable = root:tag('table')boxTable:attr('id', or nil)for i, class in ipairs(self.classes or {}) doboxTable:addClass(class or nil)endboxTable:cssText( or nil):attr('role', 'presentation')if self.attrs thenboxTable:attr(self.attrs)end-- Add the left-hand image.local row = boxTable:tag('tr')if self.imageLeft thenlocal imageLeftCell = row:tag('td'):addClass('mbox-image')if self.imageCellDiv then-- If we are using a div, redefine imageLeftCell so that the image-- is inside it. Divs use style="width: 52px;", which limits the-- image width to 52px. If any images in a div are wider than that,-- they may overlap with the text or cause other display problems.imageLeftCell = imageLeftCell:tag('div'):css('width', '52px')endimageLeftCell:wikitext(self.imageLeft or nil)elseif self.imageEmptyCell then-- Some message boxes define an empty cell if no image is specified, and-- some don't. The old template code in templates where empty cells are-- specified gives the following hint: "No image. Cell with some width-- or padding necessary for text cell to have 100% width."row:tag('td'):addClass('mbox-empty-cell'):cssText(self.imageEmptyCellStyle or nil)end-- Add the text.local textCell = row:tag('td'):addClass('mbox-text')if self.useCollapsibleTextFields then-- The message box uses advanced text parameters that allow things to be-- collapsible. At the moment, only ambox uses this.textCell:cssText(self.textstyle or nil)local textCellDiv = textCell:tag('div')textCellDiv:addClass('mbox-text-span'):wikitext(self.issue or nil)if ( or self.fix) and not self.isSmall thentextCellDiv:tag('span'):addClass('hide-when-compact'):wikitext( and (' ' .. or nil):wikitext(self.fix and (' ' .. self.fix) or nil)endtextCellDiv:wikitext( and (' ' .. or nil)if and not self.isSmall thentextCellDiv:tag('span'):addClass('hide-when-compact'):wikitext( and (' ' .. or nil)endif self.removalNotice thentextCellDiv:tag('small'):addClass('hide-when-compact'):tag('i'):wikitext(string.format(" (%s)", self.removalNotice))endelse-- Default text formatting - anything goes.textCell:cssText(self.textstyle or nil):wikitext(self.text or nil)end-- Add the right-hand image.if self.imageRight thenlocal imageRightCell = row:tag('td'):addClass('mbox-imageright')if self.imageCellDiv then-- If we are using a div, redefine imageRightCell so that the image-- is inside it.imageRightCell = imageRightCell:tag('div'):css('width', '52px')endimageRightCell:wikitext(self.imageRight or nil)end-- Add the below row.if self.below thenboxTable:tag('tr'):tag('td'):attr('colspan', self.imageRight and '3' or '2'):addClass('mbox-text'):cssText(self.textstyle or nil):wikitext(self.below or nil)end-- Add error message for invalid type parameters.if self.invalidTypeError thenroot:tag('div'):css('text-align', 'center'):wikitext(string.format('This message box is using an invalid "type=%s" parameter and needs fixing.',self.type or ''))end-- Add categories.root:wikitext(self:renderCategories() or nil)return tostring(root)end---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exports--------------------------------------------------------------------------------local p, mt = {}, {}function p._exportClasses()-- For testing.return {MessageBox = MessageBox}endfunction p.main(boxType, args, cfgTables)local box =, args, cfgTables or mw.loadData(CONFIG_MODULE))box:setParameters()box:setCategories()return box:export()endfunction mt.__index(t, k)return function (frame)if not getArgs thengetArgs = require('Module:Arguments').getArgsendreturn t.main(k, getArgs(frame, {trim = false, removeBlanks = false}))endendreturn setmetatable(p, mt)
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